Why Plants Heal

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It is easy to let the wonders of modern medicine infiltrate our consciousness - to believe that ‘science’ has continued to discover the magic elixirs and potions that fix our dis-ease and bring us health.

But much of what we believe could be fictional, as it is easy to accept quick relief as a cure - even though our malady may continue to plague us, with side-effects of the magic drug suddenly overtaking the benefit that we thought we were achieving.  It is easy to fall into a vicious cycle of belief that the next pill, the next injection, the next treatment will FIX the problem… but IS it?

There is room here for a parallel belief system - that belief in nature, in biology, that in a simple PLANT - may exist the wonders of our planet and our own biological system to take that plant’s compounds and use it to not just bring relief, but to HEAL.  This is a dangerous word in our times, but for thousands of years, plants were the ONLY form of medicine for people… and considering life expectancy used to be MUCH higher than today (not too recently, but in a distant past), perhaps we should take note.

Plants are full of thousands of precious plant compounds that interact synergistically within our body to turn on or turn off receptors, build up or tear down good or bad molecules, and bring peace and homeostasis to our systems.  These compounds don’t need to be manipulated or altered, they simply need to be ingested, and your body inherently KNOWS what to do with them.  This natural magical symbiosis can bring true healing to the human body because plants do not ever (unless taken irresponsibly) have negative side effects - meaning that there is no chance for your body NOT to know what to do with the entirety of the plant (see “Synthesized Medicine Will Always Have Side Effects".

So it is about way more than covering up symptoms, plants are about going in to your body and fixing the trauma that happened in the first place.  We must remember that plants are living, breathing, and possibly SENTIENT systems - using plants as medicines is far more complex than extracting or synthesizing a molecule in a lab.  Pharmaceutical drugs are always synthesized for the simple fact of “consistency” (and the more nefarious reason of patentability) - although complicated - this does not mean that the medicine is in fact complex.  There is a difference.

On your journey to wellness, we wish you the opportunity to learn more about plant-based remedies.   At That’s Natural, we are dedicated to ensuring that our products ALWAYS contain the true, natural, RAW precious plant compounds that come with the hemp plant - this ensures that our customers are receiving the most potent version of CBD possible - chock full of other cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, and chlorophyl - ensuring the Entourage Effect!