The Danger of Being ‘Dependent’ on Man-Made Drugs

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As the world continues to experience supply chain difficulties due to the past two years of mixed messaging and economic disruptions, companies that many have grown to ‘trust’ are failing in their ability to produce.

This even includes pharmaceutical companies and most recently has created a nationwide shortage of a drug used to treat ADHD.  People who have become dependent on this medication to live day-to-day now find themselves without anything to actually help their symptoms (or maybe better said, cover their symptoms).

How did we get here?  For decades Americans have been direct-marketed to by Big Pharma about a whole slew of ‘medications’ that can ‘treat’ illnesses both physical and mental.  Of course, for anyone who understands what synthesized drugs do, you realize that Big Pharma is in the lucrative business of covering symptoms - not actually healing people.  Pharmaceutical options can often hide symptoms - creating new symptoms (side effects) which are conveniently treated with yet more pharmaceutical drugs.  

When people start using these drugs to cover symptoms - to find a ‘quick fix’ to feel better - it is just kicking the can down the road.  And, if those drugs happen to run out - your world can quickly feel like it is collapsing, because your body has become dependent on them.

But your world is NOT COLLAPSING.  Nature has created millions of naturally occurring compounds that the human body has evolved with to not only feel better, but actually HEAL.  And, it is your right and responsibility to explore those for yourself.  Because if you truly want to feel better - you cannot be dependent upon Big Pharma to ‘save you’.  This shortage of ADHD medication is proof of that.  

Take responsibility to heal yourself using plant-based medicines. Your soul will thank you!


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