Pure, Raw, Potent... Truly Raw CBD Oil from That's Natural!

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Why do we choose to keep our That’s Natural Premium CBD Oil so simple?

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Over the past few years, CBD (short for the phytocannabinoid Cannabidiol) has become a widely-known product. Anecdotally it is  known to help with pain, sleep, stress, immunity, and in some cases, even chronic illness. There has also been research done – most of it has to do with cannabinoids (like CBD) for inflammation.

We often get asked… “Why don't you have any stronger milligrams of CBD?”.  The reason goes back to that we focus on making sure that we have the highest quality of hemp-derived CBD Oil.  Quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to essential oils and other precious plant compounds.  More is not necessarily ‘better’.

Our body is incredibly powerful and also very sensitive - we can recognize even the most subtle natural and foreign materials.  That's why That's Natural never uses CBD isolate (that often has dangerous residual solvents). We focus on making sure that we handle our CBD Oil and formulated products with the proper care and love – always cognizant of light and heat – and dedicated to providing a CBD oil that is truly raw – we never take anything out and we never add anything back in.  Our CBD Oil has the NATURALLY OCCURRING cannabinoid and terpene profile that is a part of our healthy Colorado hemp plants.  We never EVER take the chance of having residual solvents, that are often found in CBD isolates.  

Because we maintain the naturally occurring cannabinoid and terpene profile of our plants, we give our customers the opportunity to experience “The Entourage Effect” – where these precious plant compounds work together to enhance bioavailability and effectiveness.

We never add or take out anything because the precious plant compounds that are found in our Colorado hemp plants are all your body needs to be able to recover NATURALLY. This concepts goes back to “food is medicine.” We are all ‘organic’ creatures and our bodies are built to thrive when given the plant-derived tools that exist in nature’s medicine cabinet.  

That's Natural premium CBD Products are great if you're interested in overall health and wellness, or you're trying to help your body heal or recover! We want to make sure that you're getting something that is SAFE and effective, and TRULY natural!  That’s Natural!