If You Have Tried Another CBD with No Results or Bad Results...

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Raw, Pure, Potent - That's Natural CBD

At That's Natural, we have had the blessing of being one of the first companies to enter the CBD space in Colorado after the passage of Amendment 64.  We have seen the entire drama, play out before our eyes, watching as many bad actors fled into the CBD space to 'make a buck' by either creating a white-label product with zero traceability or creating 'pump and dump' schemes to raise investor capital but never actually produce anything that helps and heals people.

That means, if you have tried CBD in the past without any good result OR if you actually had a BAD result, it is probably because you tried a shoddy CBD product with no CBD, little CBD, or worse, CBD with harsh chemical solvents in it.

1. If there was zero CBD in the product, then you would not have seen any positive results.

2. If there was very little bio-available CBD or CBD that came from ISOLATE (read our post about that), then there is a good possibility you consumed some leftover solvents, which are basically neuro-toxins.  And even in 'small amounts', for sensitive people, this could give you a headache, migraine, or even make you nauseous.

So, we plead with you to try CBD again, but try it from a brand that you can trust - one that is dedicated to levels of transparency and traceability.  At That's Natural, we know where our oil comes from and we NEVER use any chemical solvents to 'refine' it.  It is RAW, PURE, and POTENT.  And it is safe to use for sensitive groups, like children, the elderly, and pets.

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That's Natural is dedicated to providing our customers with a premium RAW CBD Oil product that has nature's naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes which ensure our customers experience the Entourage Effect!

We NEVER take anything out and we NEVER add anything back in - making our product the most pure, most natural that you can find on the market!

Our topical products are used for spa treatments at 3 of the most prestigious hotel spas in the country - our customers have felt and experienced a true difference with our products, and we know you will too!  :)