Why Traceability is Important for Your CBD

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You probably have seen the bumper stickers that say "Know Farmers, Know Food" - wouldn't it stand to reason that when it comes to our other supplements that we put into our body, that this is just as important?

At That's Natural, we know that is the case - and it is actually IMPERATIVE that you know your farmers because that is the only way to ensure you are getting happy and healthy hemp plants to extract your CBD!

Most companies just settle for 'CBD Isolate' that increases 'potency' but not necessarily effectiveness or bio-availability.  If you have CBD Isolate - there is nothing that was naturally occurring in the plant left.  At That's Natural, we NEVER use isolate. You want your CBD RAW because that is the only way to support your Endocannabinoid System!

We maintain the rawness of our product by NOT using any harsh chemical solvents to extract or 'wash' our CBD - you are getting 100% of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, and other precious plant compounds, that make our product the best on the marketplace.

We have always known our farmers - we know that they care about the soil quality, water quality, air quality - and that they never use harsh unnatural pesticides or fertilizers - this impacts your CBD!

Don't let bells and whistles deceive you - the most important thing to have an effective CBD that truly works (and won't hurt you) is a raw CBD... and here at That's Natural, that is ALL we do. 

Try the That's Natural Raw CBD difference today!

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