Why That’s Natural TRULY Natural, Raw, and Pure CBD Oil is the Best for Pets

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CBD is all the rage - and with great reason - this precious plant compound is a part of helping and healing your Endocannabinoid System (ECS)!  And not only that… your pet (dogs, cats, horses, even birds!) has one too!!

So you will see all kinds of different CBD goodies around… but what is the best?  And what really works??

At That’s Natural - we NEVER use isolate.  We feel there is too much opportunity for there to remain residual solvents that MUST be used to create a CBD isolate.  In addition to that - the CBD molecule ) by itself does not exist in nature.. does that mean your pet’s body may not even recognize it?  (Don’t be fooled - a lot of companies say “full spectrum” but ARE NOT!  Adding stuff back in later is doctoring the product, and NOT NATURAL!)

At That’s Natural we believe in the Entourage Effect - the bioavaibility that becomes an inherent part of the holistic healing process - which is activated by the naturally occurring cannabinoid and terpene profile of the plants.  Our customers see and feel the difference because we retain the natural profiles of our amazing and healthy hemp plants - this transfers to our customers and our customers’ animals!

Our That’s Natural Pet CBD is one of the most natural forms of oil that you can purchase and it is incredibly versatile - you can simply put it on top of your animals’ food!  It can also be used topically!  In the history of our company, all of our animals and pets have actually loved the taste except for one cat - who was satisfied taking it with a treat instead.  Simply pour the oil over your animals’ food.

There are no known negative side-effects or contra-indications, however, if you are worried - talk to you vet about adding this product to your pet’s routine.

When looking for a product that you can trust - try That’s Natural.  We are a 13-year-old family-owned company - powered by farmers and not outside investors.  We are beholden to our customers - not to stockholders .  We pride ourselves in our premium products and our exemplary customer service.  And we hope you will try our products for your pet’s needs!