When It Comes to the ECS - Less Can Be More

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You have probably seen CBD products with thousands (THOUSANDS?!?!) of milligrams of CBD.  For some reason, it is promoted as more milligrams as being “more potent” and “better for you”…. but does that actually make it effective?

Why do people want to take so many milligrams of CBD?

With any other herb or medicine, it is important to look at the amounts of what you are taking, to make sure that it actually allows the product to be bioavailable (not to mention SAFE).   ’Less is more’  is sometimes the best protocol - why take more of something if it isn’t helping you?

With your Endocannabinoid System (or ECS), much like other inherent systems in your body, sometimes ‘over-stimulating’ that system or bombarding it with something, even if it is ‘natural’, can be ineffective at best, or dangerous at worse.  Your body is a fine-tuned instrument, and keeping the synergistic workings of your body, and its endocannabinoid receptors, is part of the process of healing.  If you overload your cannabinoid receptors with too much CBD, the possibility exists that those receptors will actually ‘turn off’, and this is the exact opposite of what you are trying to do when you take a CBD product!

At That’s Natural, we simplify this for our customers by keeping our product COMPLETELY natural - NEVER using CBD Isolate, and maintaining the EXACT inherent ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes that were IN THE PLANT to begin with.  Nature knows best - at That’s Natural, this is our protocol - to keep the CBD Oil the way nature intended.  Not only does this create a low-dose safe and effective product that can be used on anyone and with animals, but it also ensures the potency of the product to be bio-available and thus making it more effective for you to experience the Entourage Effect.  Our customers agree - That’s Natural is the best CBD product that you can purchase!


That's Natural is the most trusted resource for true, raw, natural CBD Oil the way Nature intended!  We NEVER use CBD Isolate and preserve the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in our Colorado-grown hemp to ensure that you experience the Entourage Effect!  If you have tried another CBD product with no results (or if it made you feel worse), we hope that you will give our premium products a try!