CBD & Cannabis - Hemp's Long History of Healing

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Plants have been used to help heal people for thousands of years - way before pharmaceutical companies were able to manipulate molecules with technology - plants were held in high esteem for not only the nutrients that allow the human body to thrive, but also the thousands (maybe millions) of precious plant compounds that aid in the healing of our bodies and minds.

From the Journal Article “History of cannabis as a medicine: a review”:

The use of cannabis as a medicine by ancient Chinese was reported in the world's oldest pharmacopoeia, the pen-ts'ao ching which was compiled in the first century of this Era, but based on oral traditions passed down from the time of Emperor Shen-Nung, who lived during the years 2.700 B.C. Indications for the use of cannabis included: rheumatic pain, intestinal constipation, disorders of the female reproductive system, malaria, and others.[2] In the beginning of the Christian Era, Hua T'o, the founder of Chinese surgery (A.D. 110 – 207), used a compound of the plant, taken with wine, to anesthetize patients during surgical operations.[1]

Cannabis is not the only plant to contain cannabinoids - many other plants contain not only CBD, but hundreds of other cannabinoids.  These cannabinoids have been studied for a variety of health benefits - not only for inflammation (the basis of most pain and disease) - but also for anxiety, depression, and sleep.

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