The Basics of CBD - What is Cannabidiol and How Does It Work?

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly becoming the most sought after part of cannabis. Cannabis is no longer viewed something to just get you “high” or have psychoactive effects. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, many people have turned to it for certain ailments. It’s become so mainstream that some grocery stores like Walmart and Lucky’s Market have begun selling it.

So, what exactly is CBD?CBD is one of the top two cannabinoids (of over 120) in the cannabis plant, but can also be found in other plants like Echinacea, Electric Daisy, Liverwort, Black Pepper, and even chocolate. The precursor to CBD is cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), which, when heated or aged turns into CBD.

How does CBD work?When CBD is consumed, it activates 2-AG, slowing the deterioration of anandamide. It may also inhibit fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), which increases the levels of endocannabinoids within our bodies. Additionally, CBD can act as a 5-HT receptor that binds to serotonin – explaining why CBD is sometimes used fordepression, anxiety, and as neuroprotectants.  Other research has shown that CBD indirectly influences μ-opioid and δ-opioid receptors, explaining why it has sometimes been used to replace opioid-based painkillers. For more research regarding how CBD works and the variety of applications, you can search the National Institutes of Health or Google Scholar.

Will CBD make me feel any different?CBD is non-psychoactive, so it won’t produce a “high”, however it has been used, as stated above, for anxiety, stress, and other ailments. Many people have also experienced feeling more “clear-headed”, as if a cloud has been removed.

How should CBD be consumed?There are a variety of ways people can use CBD. Some people may prefer to ingest CBD in an oil or other form. However, there are also topical CBD products available for different skin and pain issues. Everyone’s body is different, so what works well for one person may not work well for someone else.

Should CBD be taken alone, or along with other cannabinoids?Again, this is up to the consumer. CBD isolate has become a popular method, however, this also means consumers are missing out on the effects of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and precious plant compounds that contribute to the immune system of the plant. A process known as the entourage effectoccurs when different cannabinoids and terpenes are taken together. In short, different cannabinoids and terpenes can enhance the effect of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Products, like That’s Natural’s, that contain all of the terpenes and cannabinoids within the hemp plant are known to be full spectrum.

Where should CBD be sourced from?Because of regulations in place, people’s safest bet is from the United States. Within the United States, certain states, like Colorado have even more regulations, helping to ensure that consumers are actually getting what they are paying for. Additionally, because hemp has been used for centuries to cleanse the soil of unwanted properties, it is important that people know where their products are grown. Certain countries still use hemp for this purpose and then sell the CBD derived from these same plants that contain harsh chemicals and properties.


That’s Natural products are considered to be full spectrum meaning they contain cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system,  which is fueled by these cannabinoids and terpenes.   The combination of these compounds help to provide what is known as the entourage effect. Here you can listen to Dr. David Allen explain how the endocannabinoid system contributes to how our immune system and nervous system function.  By providing pure, potent, and trusted products, That’s Natural continues to strive to meet our customer’s needs – something we have been doing for twelve years! With 100% traceability of where our hemp comes from, you can be confident in what you are putting on, or in, your body. For more questions regarding our CBD products, please visit our Questions and Answers page.