That’s Natural’s Reason to Not Use CBD Isolate (Because That’s NOT Natural!)

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At That’s Natural we understand and embody nature - that is why our products work so well!  Every year, with every crop - the hemp plants that are grown become stronger and more resilient to the outside world through the natural processes that take place in the genetics of our plants. Every year this results in slightly variated precious plant compounds - that are in tune with the environment and world around us.

This very small change builds immunity and is an inherent part of taking a product that is grown naturally.  These amazing precious plant compounds - cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, and more - are what your body recognizes and uses to build your Endocannabinoid System, immunity, and resistance to dis-ease.  

A CBD Isolate destroys these precious plant compounds.  There is no natural change or variation from year-to-year - a CBD isolate is always just a single isolated CBD molecule that has no other natural plant compounds and may actually have dangerous residual solvents from the method used to crystallize this molecule.  

In our opinion at That’s Natural, our product has become a daily supplement for thousands of repeat customers because they are always getting the best genetics and the most natural truly full spectrum product that you can get - year after year and crop after crop.  We believe in the power of nature - and we are seeing this in the success of our product for so many people who want to feel better!

We NEVER Use Isolate…. That’s Natural!