Terrell Davis: “Nothing has transformed my experience more than CBD”

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Terrell Davis, former Denver Broncos running back, Super Bowl 32 MVP, and Hall of Famer, has been a very outspoken supporter of CBD recently. In this article, Davis starts out my emphasizing how important recovery is in every sport, including football. Recovery often dictates how long an athlete can perform on a professional level. Davis would know better than most – he only had four productive seasons in the NFL before injuries caused him to produce no more than 700 yards in the following four seasons.

The third paragraph in this article is maybe the most straight forward regarding CBD. It says:

“For those of you who know me, I’ve suffered a career of serious hits and the pain that accompanies it: Super Bowl migraines, wrecked knees, and every sort of corporal punishment humans can take. It’s the life I chose, and I’m happy about it, but it’s meant that I’ve needed to remain dedicated to a recovery regimen and open-minded about where the best recovery comes from. And I can tell you that nothing has transformed my experience more than CBD.”

The next thought? “And it’s not just me. I’ve said it before, but CBD has emerged as the most transformative ingredient this decade.” Terrell Davis interviewed Steve Weatherford, former NFL punter about CBD. Steve echoed Davis’s response, but went even further saying, “Any serious athlete has the obligation to, at the least, explore CBD and its ability to heal….CBD provides one of the first real opportunities to expand your fitness plan without compromising your health.”

In this article, Davis interviews other professional football players who elaborate on their experience with CBD. Davis promises to audit NFL Hall of Famers in the next year to understand their use and enthusiasm. Davis then says he will embark on an education initiative, double-blind trials, and a lobbying campaign.

Finally, in a third article by Davis, he explains how not every CBD product is the same. Quality matters. He says:

 When I tried CBD for the first time in late 2017, it almost felt as if I was breaking the law. The hemp-based tinctures I was given were clearly home-grown, probably filled in a commune by someone named Morning Star, smelling of patchouli. (Denver in the 90s was that place.) But the effect it had on me was life-changing. Morning Star turned out to be my hero.

Today, the rest of the world has caught up, and CBD is the most promising product in health and athletics. The business has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar free-for-all, attracting major players alongside flagrant charlatans, which means that not all CBD is created equal.

Some of the ways that Davis encourages people to do research on the CBD products they are using is to know the difference in hemp and marijuana, stay away from international companies, keep a journal of what you experience with each product and how many milligrams you use, and making sure the products are lab verified. He ends by saying, “Figuring out exactly what works for your needs can be a marathon, but it’s so worth it.


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