Support Your Endocannabinoid System and Immune Function (ESPECIALLY if Detoxing!)

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Navigating the wicked world that we live in today can leave your body, mind, and spirit feeling fatigued and poisoned.  It is coming to light that many people, against their will and better judgement, may have things put inside their body that are causing harm.  This can be terrifying, but at That's Natural we believe in the healing that plants offer us - the awesome potential to recover from even the WORST of poisons!

There are so many herbs available to help you detox, in this post we have simply chosen one that helps specifically dissolve spike proteins and clots.  The company is NYrture and the product is Natto - traditional fermented Japanese soybeans and a source of nattokinaise.

When you start to detox, it is imperative to be supporting your Endocannabinoid System which has everything to do with immune system function and inflammation.  Our That's Natural CBD Oil is the most raw, truly organic and full spectrum product available on the marketplace.  Most all other companies use CBD isolate, which takes out the necessary cannabinoids and terpenes that your body needs to 'recognize' and assimilate the CBD itself.  They may "add it back in later" but this ruins the natural process that comes with the raw plant materials.  Our product is the safest and most bio-availability that you can purchase, and we are sure you will feel the difference!

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That's Natural is dedicated to providing our customers with a premium RAW CBD Oil product that has nature's naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes which ensure our customers experience the Entourage Effect!

We NEVER take anything out and we NEVER add anything back in - making our product the most pure, most natural that you can find on the market!

Our topical products are used for spa treatments at 3 of the most prestigious hotel spas in the country - our customers have felt and experienced a true difference with our products, and we know you will too!  :)