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One of the biggest reasons, besides pain relief, that customers enjoy our That's Natural products - is STRESS RELIEF.  Whether it is anxiousness throughout the day, full out anxiety attacks, and/or trouble sleeping at night, customers across the country are turning to That's Natural for trusted relief.

Most often the products that are used for stress, anxiety, and sleep are our That's Natural CBD Oil Drops (taken internally or applied topically) and our That's Natural CBD Gummies.  Our suggested one-two punch includes taking the oil during the day, and a gummy before bed (or if you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep).

If you have tried other products with no results, we hope you will consider trying That's Natural - we are one of the ONLY companies on the market that is using a superior raw CBD Oil that keeps naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes intact and helps our users experience the Entourage Effect!


If you want to experience the Entourage Effect, we believe it is imperative that you preserve the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in healthy hemp plants.  To do this, would seem simple, but so many people in the industry have taken steps to refine and adulterate their product to make it “more potent”.  Nature’s potency isn’t qualified by quantity, but QUALITY.

At That’s Natural, we never take anything out of our oil and we never add anything back in - the CBD-rich (and other cannabinoids and terpenes as well) hemp oil that we use is raw.  We never use dangerous chemical solvents to refine our product and we never adulterate our oil with foreign-sourced terpenes.  WE NEVER USE CBD ISOLATE. Our product is as natural as you can get.

Leaving the CBD-rich oil in its natural raw form allows the intelligence and abundance of nature to work her magic using the precious plant compounds that exist in these Colorado hemp plants!  Nature knows how to build immunity and strength, and that is what matters for your Endocannabinoid System!

You will see, smell, taste, and FEEL the difference, as noted by our thousands of customers across the country.  Again - it isn’t about QUANTITY, it is about QUALITY.  That’s Natural products are raw, pure, potent, and trusted.  We hope you will give them a try!