One Last Camping Trip Before Winter? Take Your CBD!

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It’s that time of the year for late year camping trips before the snow starts flying. Fall time camping can be beautiful, but often deceiving in regards to annoyances that accompany any summer camping trip. The cooler temperatures and high elevations can often lead to unplanned for events – especially for those that don’t camp frequently.

1)    Sunburns. The higher in elevation you go, the less atmosphere is available to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Simply put, a sun burn is the skins reaction to ultraviolet rays. When a sunburn occurs, the body sends inflammatory cells to the site of the damage with the attempt of healing the site. CBD has probably been most heavily researched for its anti-inflammatory properties as this study shows.

2)    Bug Bites. Mosquitos, ticks, bees, spiders, etc… are always lurking on camping trips. Most of them probably aren’t seeking you out, but it’s not uncommon for someone to experience them. Bug bites mainly cause two concerns in people that aren’t allergic to them. Inflammation and bacteria. This study shows the anti-bacterial properties of CBD and other cannabinoids in That’s Natural CBD Hemp Oil products.

3)    Sleep – and Energy: Most people go camping to either relax, or to be active. For those looking to relax, they should take a slightly higher dose of CBD, and use it for its melatonin-like effects. This study shows how it can be used to aid sleep. Meanwhile, this research shows how people can use it for its ability to promote activity and alertness.

4)    Muscle Soreness/spasticity, and spasms. Muscle soreness is often related to inflammation as well, but when we are camping, we are normally doing things we aren’t used to, which can often cause muscle problems. This study shows how CBD can be used to help with a variety of muscle related issues.

Whether you camp regularly or are going out for your first time, CBD would probably be a useful item to bring along with you. Some of it may be best suited as a topical applicant, and others internal, but That’s Natural has all your options covered!