NEVER About More. ALWAYS About Better.

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At That’s Natural, we realize the importance of a high-quality product - that is what our entire brand is built upon.  Sometimes that means it takes more time, more effort, more work - and we believe that it is all completely worth it.  Extra effort for a better product is what separates us from most everyone else on the marketplace.

More of something does not make it better.  As a matter of fact, oftentimes more of something can actually make it worse.  When it comes to precious plant compounds and essential oils, this is certainly the case.  More of these compounds does not make them more effective.

You will see CBD companies touting and claiming huge amounts of CBD in their product.  IF it is true, and it is very suspect that it is, then you are absolutely getting what is called a CBD Isolate.  CBD isolates are just the CBD molecule by itself - without the other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, essential fatty acids, chlorophyl, and other precious plant compounds.  At That’s Natural, we believe that CBD isolate is ineffective and potentially harmful if there are residual solvents.

But MORE isn’t better.  That’s Natural focuses on the natural qualities of the oil - using the CBD oil immediately after extraction without any further processing - without using any solvents whatsoever.  This is a big deal - this is what makes our product so potent and so effective.  Why?  BECAUSE THAT’S NATURAL.  Essential oils are natural - without the adulteration and processing that turns them into these