Is CBD Good for Athletes and Active People? It's Certainly Not Bad!

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Here in the mountains, many of us crave our outdoor time, regardless of the circumstances of the world. Some of us may be outside much more than we're used to right now. We may find ourselves with joint and muscle pain from using muscles that were previously dormant.

If this is you, your muscles are inflamed!

Most studies about CBD regard inflammation. Inflammation is the root of most pain and stress. Because of our body's natural endocannabinoid system, which deals with the regulation of our bodies' systems, better management of inflammation in your body is inevitable. Hence, better regulation of the inflammation of the impacted area is inevitable!

With this in mind, all That's Natural! CBD products could theoretically be used for anyone!

Testimonies from customers experiencing pain from walking, running, biking, skiing or who are otherwise active, exhibit how our CBD-Rich Hemp Oils have been helpful for relieving pain for them. If it is a muscle soreness or strain, the CBD-Rich Muscle Jelly Rub Cayenne Salve, to name a few, are likely to help relieve inflammation and speed up the healing process. This is a similar concept to that of taking an ice-bath or taking icy-hot, but natural, of course, and the CBD Oils, if taken regularly, can decrease the chance of having injuries in the future thanks to the decreased inflammation and increased immunity!

Because of the fact that the endocannabinoid system works throughout the entire body, uses for CBD-Rich hemp oils are not as specific as over-the-counter and lab-produced supplements!

Long-term injuries and damage to your body physically cause a type of tension in your body you're not even aware of. You likely even have pain that you don't know you're feeling because of the constant impact from the activities you've participated in over the years. The edible hemp-oil is a great remedy for this. Customers attest to the fact that when giving it a try a few times, their stress levels absolutely plummeted! In addition to helping a directed area of pain, the CBD-rich hemp oils have reduced the inflammation from muscles so tense and so broken-down, yet not actively bothering the person, as well, which allows a person to feel a sense of true relief in body, mind & spirit!

So, for any person who gets out of bed at least once a day, what could be the harm in trying That's Natural! CBD products as a natural medicine for overall relief? We hope you will!


If you want to experience the Entourage Effect, we believe it is imperative that you preserve the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in healthy hemp plants.  To do this, would seem simple, but so many people in the industry have taken steps to refine and adulterate their product to make it “more potent”.  Nature’s potency isn’t qualified by quantity, but QUALITY.

At That’s Natural, we never take anything out of our oil and we never add anything back in - the CBD-rich (and other cannabinoids and terpenes as well) hemp oil that we use is raw.  We never use dangerous chemical solvents to refine our product and we never adulterate our oil with foreign-sourced terpenes.  WE NEVER USE CBD ISOLATE. Our product is as natural as you can get.

Leaving the CBD-rich oil in its natural raw form allows the intelligence and abundance of nature to work her magic using the precious plant compounds that exist in these Colorado hemp plants!  Nature knows how to build immunity and strength, and that is what matters for your Endocannabinoid System!

You will see, smell, taste, and FEEL the difference, as noted by our thousands of customers across the country.  Again - it isn’t about QUANTITY, it is about QUALITY.  That’s Natural products are raw, pure, potent, and trusted.  We hope you will give them a try!