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Having a migraine or concussion affects the way you think, the way you act, and, worst of all, your sleep patterns.

The study of how CBD helps these conditions is not new. There are many studies and testimonies from real customers proving that CBD oil works for relieving their head pain. Additionally, CBD can treat stress, anxiety, and even help ADHD!

How does CBD from hemp, a plant with untraceable amounts of THC, do so much for your head pain?

There are many reasons as to why cannabidiol helps head pain. At That's Natural, we hold only full-spectrum CBD, meaning more cannabinoids and terpenes are accounted for than just CBD such as CBDA. CBDA is even rawer and more potent than CBD and is specifically found to decrease inflammation. Inflammation is the root of most pain, but more than anything, tension causing head pain.

With that, if you're looking for a remedy and maybe a cure to sleepless nights and 24/7 physical and mental pain, it can only be beneficial to give our That's Natural CBD-Rich Hemp Oil a try! It's a no-brainer... or should we say a yes-brainer! (:


That’s Natural hemp-derived CBD products – legal in all 50 States!  At That’s Natural, we make sure that we bring our customers a pure, potent, and effective product.  We do this by having complete control of our supply chain! We know our Colorado hemp farmers, we only use supercritical CO2 extraction and steam distillation – NEVER using chemical solvents or isolate, and we make sure that the products’ other ingredients are the highest quality possible!  Our process ensures a product that is full of NATURALLY occurring cannabinoids and terpenes – ensuring that our customers can experience the Entourage Effect!  Our products have life force– because at That’s Natural we truly care about helping our customers experience better well-being and improved quality of life!  We hope you will try us out and experience a truly natural CBD Oil!  That’s Natural!