CBD For Winter – And Christmas!

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It’s that time of the year! The snow is starting to flow, the Christmas decorations and presents are filling up retail stores, and the brisk air reminds us that winter is here in many parts of the country! Can CBD help certain winter conditions – which makes it a perfect Christmas present for many people!? As with most things in life, there is no 100% definitive answer – but let’s look at the research!

Acne and Dry Skin: It’s pretty widely accepted that acne and skin issues are worse in the winter – mainly because of dry cold weather, which often increases the amount of oils that our bodies produce. This study from the NIH simply says, “Our data suggest that CBG and CBGV may have potential in the treatment of dry-skin syndrome, whereas CBC, CBDV and especially THCV show promise to become highly efficient, novel anti-acne agents. Moreover, based on their remarkable anti-inflammatory actions, phytocannabinoids could be efficient, yet safe novel tools in the management of cutaneous inflammations.” This also helps explain why full-spectrum products are more beneficial than products containing just one cannabinoid.

Depression: Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the holiday season is also a season of depression. Whether they are missing loved ones, alone and feel like they don’t have any loved ones, the decrease in sunshine and sunlight, or a host of other reasons, depression is also more common in the winter months.  This study from the NIH says, “Studies involving animal models, performing a variety of experiments on the above-mentioned disorders, such as the forced swimming test (FST), elevated plus maze (EPM) and Vogel conflict test (VCT), suggest that CBD exhibited an anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects in animal models discussed.Another study from the NIH says, “Our results suggest that the antidepressant-like effect induced by CBD in the FST is dependent on serotonin levels in the central nervous system (CNS).”

Arthritis: Yes. Again, there is yet another side effect of all this cold, blustery, snowy, winter weather. This article from the Arthritis and Ostepoposis of Western Australia explains why arthritis is more prevalent in the winter. “Jamison explains the impact of barometric pressure on the body through a test conducted with a balloon. "When a balloon is inflated, it has the maximum inside and outside pressure. High barometric pressure that pushes against the body from the outside keeps tissues from expanding." As the barometric pressure falls, tissues in the body may expand. As the tissues expand, they put more pressure on nerves that control pain signals.””

So, what role does CBD play in decreasing the prevalence of arthritis?
In an article from the NIH, it says, “Interesting and promising transdermal administration results can also be found in the use of terpenes (from the same source) as CBD and THC penetration enhancers, and thus improve the effectiveness of the therapeutic components. This, once again, highlights the role that quality plays in defining the composition, dosage and related safety of the components extracted from cannabis.”

There are many more reasons that CBD may be useful in the winter. Some of these include, muscle stiffness, anxiety, chronic pain, etc… Whether it be a Christmas present to yourself or someone else, it could be a gift that keeps on giving. See our That's Natural CBD gift boxes here!

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