CBD for Shingles Pain - As Heard From a That's Natural Customer

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We LOVE to hear from our happy customers across the country and across the world!  Here is someone using our products for pain relief!

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A customer called in to re-order and said that she was unfortunately experiencing Shingles.  She said that our That’s Natural products were the only thing bringing her pain relief!  She mentioned that the doctors were trying to give her all kinds of different things to relieve the pain, but the only thing that was actually helping her was to put the That’s Natural Super Salve on topically and take our That’s Natural CBD Oil Drops internally. She was very thankful to find natural pain relief with our products!


That's Natural is the most trusted resource for true, raw, natural CBD Oil the way Nature intended!  We NEVER use CBD Isolate and preserve the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in our Colorado-grown hemp to ensure that you experience the Entourage Effect!  If you have tried another CBD product with no results (or if it made you feel worse), we hope that you will give our premium products a try!