Cannabinoids like CBD for Coronavirus (COVID19)?

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Interesting news today from Forbes about using synthetic cannabinoids to treat inflammation caused by COVID-19 (the novel Coronavirus affecting our world in 2020). 

From the article:

"In recent months, some have pointed to cannabis as a possible treatment for severe cases of the Covid-19 - pointing specifically towards the cannabinoid CBD, one of cannabis’ main chemical ingredients. And some research has suggested that this cannabinoid could be helpful."

CBD is the most studied cannabinoid (along with THC which is psychoactive) - and the basis for most research has to do with inflammation in the body. Considering that inflammation is usually what causes pain as well as many chronic diseases, treating inflammation can be good for most humans regardless of specific condition.

More research is always needed, but it is excited to see the application of plant-based medicines to improve people's quality of life.

At That's Natural, we applaud science, but do not believe that synthetic cannabinoids (or anything made in a lab for that matter) can ever be truly bio-available without any negative side-effects.  Pharmaceuticals (synthesized in a lab and patented for money-making purposes) serve a role in our wellness, but so do non-manipulated plant-based medicines that CANNOT be patented and are never synthesized (ensuring a more 'natural' result).

If you are looking for truly natural, truly raw CBD-rich products (kept the way Nature intended) we hope you will give us a try!