A New Year - A Commitment to Building Immunity

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Well, if there is one thing that is blatantly obvious from 2020 - it is that your immune system is extremely important when it comes to battling the forces of nature.  With COVID-19, with ANY virus, it is imperative that you create a healthy lifestyle that supports your immune function.

Plant-based foods and medicines have been used for centuries to help humans battle and combat pathogens and viruses - we have arguably evolved with plants for as long as we both have been on Earth.  Cannabis, or hemp, is just ONE of those plants, but it is a powerful one when it comes to cannabinoids.

Natural cannabinoids existing in nature (yes, NOT synthesized ones coming from big pharma) are an excellent way to supplement your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that aids both homeostasis and your immune system!  At That's Natural, we are dedicated to bringing you the most raw and pure form of these cannabinoids (and terpenes) with our premium CBD-rich oil products!


Have you thought about trying CBD but are you worried about the type of product you may end up with?  Have you tried a CBD product without feeling any positive difference, or did it actually make you feel unwell?

Most CBD products are "white-labeling" their products from companies with unknown origins and traceability. They simply "slap a label" on the product and sell it to people.  They don't know where their hemp was grown, they don't know how it was processed, they don't know what level of care was put into it - they don't even know if there is really CBD in it.  

In addition to that, most CBD products are using CBD isolate - which is less expensive and far 'easier' to work with. This allows companies to put more CBD into a product (but more is definitely not equal to BETTER - as a matter of fact, over-doing it on plant-based medicines can actually shut OFF the systems you are trying to activate). The chances of having residual solvents (many of them neurotoxins) in a CBD isolate product is very high.  

At That's Natural, you will see, feel, and experience the difference with our premium products.  We ONLY use true, raw, full-spectrum oil (nothing is taken out and nothing is added back in - it is NATURAL) and this helps our customers experience the Entourage Effect.  Our products are safe and effective because we keep them natural - we know our farmers and we know exactly how our oil was extracted - using ONLY Supercritical CO2 Extraction and NEVER using solvents.  Try a premium and trusted product today!