We are featured at and private-label for some of the top-rated resort spas around the country!  Trusted for years, we are pioneers in the holistic CBD space.

Our massage therapists agree that That's Natural RAW CBD oil products are the only ones to bring relief and healing to their clients (not to mention helping to bring comfort to THEIR working hands!).

We NEVER use CBD Isolate (what most companies use to claim 'thousands' of milligrams of CBD, which comes with residual chemical solvents that are neuro-toxins) - at That's Natural we keep the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that grow in our healthy Colorado and New Mexico hemp plants.  This ensures our customers experience enhanced bioavailability and the Entourage Effect!

You WILL see and FEEL the difference!

That's Natural Body Lotion for All-Over Massage Lotion

That's Natural CBDA Joint & Muscle Cream for Sore & Achy Areas

That's Natural Muscle Rub Jelly for Spot Treating Problem Areas (contains menthol)

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