Why You Should TASTE Your CBD (Don't Take It as a Pill)

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We are a pill-popping society, and who could blame us?  Life is tough, we get busy, and it is far easier to simply "pop a pill" down the hatch knowing we have done something good for us... right?

Well, there's a couple of things wrong with this (no judgement of course), and one of them is that as a society we have stopped TASTING our medicine.  Yes, we all actually DO need a taste of our medicine!  :)  Taste is how our body communicates to the needed tissue and organ systems WHAT this herb is going to do for us.  We miss this step entirely when we just throw a pill down our throats.

From Fawley and Lad in The Yoga of Herbs:

"The Sanskrit word for taste, rasa, has many meanings. All of them help us understand the importance of taste in Ayurveda. Rasa means "essence." Taste thus indicates the essence of a plant, and so is perhaps the prime factor in understanding its qualities. Rasa means "sap," so that the taste of an herb reflects the properties of the sap which invigorates it. Rasa means "appreciation," "artistic delight," a "musical note." Thus taste communicates feeling, which again is the essence of the plant. Through it the beauty and power of the plant can be perceived. Rasa means "circulation," "to feel lively," "to dance," all of which is reflected in the energizing power of taste."

So when it comes to CBD and how you want this hemp oil to communicate to your Endocannabinoid System... it is quite important that you TASTE the herb.  And we know it is quite bitter (for some people), but that is part of the process!  You can always rinse your mouth out later.  This is why That's Natural does NOT have CBD pills or capsules - we know they don't work - and we refuse to carry products that don't actually HELP people.  We believe in doing the right thing, and the 'right thing' for your amazing temple and being, is to taste your CBD.  Just be sure your are tasting a real, pure, RAW CBD like from That's Natural! :)


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