What is CBD Isolate?


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We have customers who have seen a wide variety of CBD products on the marketplace - and everyone has an opinion on what is best!  At That’s Natural, we believe it is consumers’ right to choose what is best for them!

A CBD Isolate is a crystalline product that is created by processing the CBD oil using a solvents and high heat.  The CBD oil is refined until all that remains is a white crystal powder that is basically 99.9% CBD.  As you can imagine - this can boost products ‘potency’ or amount of CBD in them.  Many, many products on the marketplace use CBD isolate because it can be water-soluble and also can claim to have ‘zero THC’.

An isolate differs from a TRUE full spectrum oil that contains the naturally occurring cannabinoids and other precious plant compounds that are inherently a part of the cannabis plant.  An isolate ONLY contains CBD.  A full spectrum oil (that has not been processed, refined, or manipulated in any way) can contain not only CBD, but other cannabinoids like CBDA, CBN, CBG, and CBC as well as terpenes, polyphenols, essential fatty acids, and thousands of other naturally occurring compounds.

An isolate is a white crystal powder that does not exist in nature.  An oil is a viscous compound that is part of the living plant’s material.

At That’s Natural, we believe that the most natural way to consume CBD is by using a full spectrum oil created by one process - Supercritical CO2 extraction.  We never “add back in” other cannabinoids or terpenes - what you are getting in our products is the most natural and pure oil that can be extracted without using solvents or high heat.


Sometimes people think: ‘the more the better’ - the more CBD that they can get - the better the product will be.  At That’s Natural, we believe that ‘potency’ exists in the QUALITY of the product - that bioavailability depends on the naturally occurring combination of precious plant compounds.  Your body knows what to do with a minimally processed oil, the oil that is extracted from our plants contains what exists naturally in the plants.


Many of our customers, especially in topical applications, have switched to isolate products and have come back to ours saying how much more effective our truly natural full-spectrum product is.  We believe that our product is more effective than most on the marketplace because we are dedicated to preserving and protecting the quality of our oil.


You be the judge!  Learn more about our farmers and process and find out what you think is best for your body…. That’s Natural!


Traceability & Transparency

We walk in the very dirt that grows the biodynamic hemp that becomes a part of our formulated products.  We know the farmers, we know the supercritical CO2 extraction process.  We believe that protecting the quality of our plants and process is paramount to creating a CBD-rich hemp oil that excels in bioavailability and effectiveness.


We always use extraction processes that protect the precious plant compounds in our hemp.  By not using extreme heat or chemical solvents, we are able to extract the CBD-rich hemp oil in its most pure and potent form.  We believe that protecting these plant compounds is essential to the quality of our CBD-rich hemp oil.



We have thousands of customers around the country (and around the world) that have experienced the life-enhancing qualities of plant-based cannabinoids and terpenes.  We have shipped to all 50 States and have many customers that return every 4-8 weeks to purchase our product.  And we love hearing from our customers!  Hear what some of them have to say here!