We NEVER EVER Use Isolate

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We believe in supporting nature’s natural healing processes - that is why we only use Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Steam Distillation to extract the CBD Oil from our hemp.  These methods preserve the precious naturally occurring compounds that occur naturally in our hemp plants.

All CBD isolates MUST use a chemical solvent, then cook and scrub the CBD oil of all of its naturally occurring plant compounds - other cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, essential fatty acids, and chlorophyll.  All that remains is a white, crystalline powder, which is basically 99.9% CBD - the CBD molecule by itself.   Sometimes these solvents can be from ‘organic’ sources, but many times this very expensive route gives way to cheaper alternatives - in a horrifying case - paint thiner.  Even if a ‘safe’ solvent is used - the CBD oil is heated intensely - killing of temperature-sensitive plant compounds.

Not all isolates are bad per say - but ALL ISOLATES do use a harsh process to get rid of naturally occurring precious plant compounds - THAT’S NOT NATURAL!  : )

From IntelliCBD :

Isolates are Not Full-Spectrum

As a consumer, you should understand that while isolate products are versatile, they are not as effective as an oil containing a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile. The single-cannabinoid CBD is less effective than a full-spectrum product due to the entourage effect.

Oils & Products Made from Isolates

As a consumer, you should also beware that low-quality isolate is often added to a carrier like MCT oil or hemp seed oil and sold as a full spectrum oil. These products are simply sub-par when compared to quality extracted oil. Be sure to look for lab tests for every product that you purchase.


Buyer beware - it is up to you to understand what you are purchasing.  Most ‘full spectrum’ products aren’t - most are just using the term just like companies use ‘natural’.  Sometimes cannabinoids and terpenes are added back into an isolate - but this doctoring of product is NOT NATURAL.  And remember - more CBD doesn’t make it better - quality and bioavailability are crucial for an effective product!

At That’s Natural, we understand that the most pure and potent product is what will be the most healing for our customers.  We are dedicated to ensuring our customers that products that come from the most raw, natural, safe, and effective form of CBD oil - that from happy and healthy hemp plants extracted using Supercritical CO2 or steam distillation.