The Importance of Taste - Know Your CBD!

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Did you know that in Ayurveda that taste (rasa) is an integral part of the healing experience?  Actually tasting, smelling, and fully experiencing the product - is what helps your body understand and recognize what it is ‘dealing’ with.

At That’s Natural, we are dedicated to bringing you a truly natural and raw CBD oil that you can smell and TASTE.  We believe that a product should be truly nourishing to your body - and we want our product to truly help people!  This IS our marketing plan!  : )  When people feel better, they tell others - and that is how we keep growing!  Our products are real-deal, they are actually working and you can see, smell, and TASTE the difference compared to fake CBD products.

Sometimes we ask why we don’t do capsules or pills.  From our own experience with this amazing product - our CBD oil packed full of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, polyphenols, essential fatty acids, and MORE - should be experienced from start to end in your body’s digestive system.  That means that we suggest you actually taste the product, because this is part of the healing experience.  You can always put the product IN something else, or flavor it with something else - but we don’t believe that putting the CBD oil IN a capsule is going to be as effective (because you are just “getting it down” into your stomach - your tongue doesn’t get to see what is headed down there!).  Your body won’t get the full experience.  

Pure, Potent, Trusted… That’s Natural!

That's Natural hemp-derived CBD products - legal in all 50 States!  At That's Natural, we make sure that we bring our customers a pure, potent, and effective product.  We do this through having complete control of our supply chain! We know our Colorado hemp farmers, we only use supercritical CO2 extraction and steam distillation - NEVER using chemical solvents or isolate, and we make sure that the products's other ingredients are the highest quality possible!  Our process ensures a product that is full of NATURALLY occurring cannabinoids and terpenes - ensuring that our customers can experience the Entourage Effect!  Our products have life force - because at That's Natural we truly care about helping our customers experience better well-being and an improved quality of life!  We hope you will try us out and experience a truly natural CBD Oil!  That's Natural!