The Entourage Effect: Combine Those Cannabinoids!

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The Entourage Effect is becoming more and more of a researched and intriguing concept. It’s basically the enhanced impact that multiple cannabinoids and/or terpenes have when working together. Let’s take a look at how certain cannabinoids work together to help relieve pain!

With CBD research being relatively new, there isn’t always an explanation for how it works – but the results are astounding in many of these studies. As this study, from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) states:

“Currently there is intriguing evidence from animal studies showing efficacy of cannabinoids as antinociceptive agents, however data from human studies is still emerging. Cannabinoids may form a useful adjunct to current analgesic drugs in many conditions, especially in low doses incapable of inducing hyperalgesia or other side effects. They can also be used as rescue drugs when opioid analgesia is ineffective or inadequate, or as opioid sparing agent. They also appear to antagonize several side effects of opioids, and the opioid-cannabinoid combination may become a very useful agent in the long-term management of severe pain.

Thus, the medical, as well as the general community, need to move beyond preconceived notions about cannabis, and focus on its potential advantages in treating a host of conditions, including severe pain.”

Another study from the NIH states that cannabinoids outside of CBD may help as well. It states, “Other phytocannabinoids that can contribute to the overall analgesic effects of medical cannabis are cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), and many others (Morales et al., 2017). Similarly to CBD, these compounds do not display significant affinities for cannabinoid receptors, but they have other modes of action. This is a new area of research that needs to be addressed (Piomelli et al., 2017).” 

These studies again show the power of using a full-spectrum product, as opposed to an isolated product of CBD. Our suggestion is to take the time to research a product, find out where it’s grown, what the other ingredients are, find out its purity, if it is independently verified and tested, and also whether it is full-spectrum.


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