Taste Your Medicine - Why Herbs Are Meant to be Tasted (Versus Pills)

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"Rasa" is a concept in Ayurvedic medicine where it is inherently important for the person to TASTE the herb that they are ingesting to ensure that the brain can communicate to the rest of the body what to actually DO with that herb.

You do have a tongue for a reason... and it is not just to taste things you LIKE.  Our sense of taste (and smell) is critical to protecting us from consuming things that could hurt us (like spoiled food).  And, our taste is important for telling our brain what to do with what has just been ingested... like in the instance of using herbal remedies.

 At That's Natural, we are big proponents of all things real, raw, and truly NATURAL, and that is why we have our CBD Oil drops only available as something to put on and under your tongue!  Because just simply ingesting a 'pill' with CBD in it would not be as effective as tasting what you are taking!

Other companies are focused on 'making a buck', but we are truly dedicated to helping our customers feel better and thrive.  If you have tried another CBD product with no results (or if it made you feel worse, which can happen with CBD isolate), we hope that you will give our premium products a try!

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