Raw, Pure, Potent - Why Choosing That's Natural Matters

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We know the industry - we have been a part of it for over five years now.  As a company celebrating its 14th year as a business in Colorado, we have seen a lot, and have heard a lot.  But what is most important is what we are DOING.

At That's Natural, we remain dedicated to bringing our customers the most pure, most raw form of CBD Oil.  We never take anything out of our CBD Oil - we never add anything back in.  It is CBD as nature intended.  Our hemp-derived oil comes from Colorado farmers who care deeply about about the environment in which these plants grow.  Our CBD Oil is full of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that are a part of the plant's NATURAL cannabinoid and terpene profile.  We don't source foreign cannabinoids and/or terpenes and add them back in later!  By keeping to our natural roots, our customers can experience the Entourage Effect.

We never EVER use isolate.  Isolating a molecule may make a product more potent when it comes to VOLUME but this has nothing to do with potency as far as bio-availability.  We believe that Nature knows what she is doing - and we refuse to alter or interfere with the naturally occurring precious plant compounds.

At That's Natural, we are truly raw - which makes our products amazingly potent. You will taste, see, and feel the difference with our product!  If you have tried another CBD brand and not experienced anything, we hope you will give our products a try!