If You’ve Tried Another CBD Product with Bad or No Results… We Hope You Will Try That’s Natural!

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We hear it all of the time: “I tried CBD and it just didn’t work for me”.  Or, “I tried CBD and I didn’t like how it made me feel”.  Or, “I tried CBD and I got a head-ache”.

So many CBD products on the market are complete junk.  Hundreds of people and companies have “jumped in” by simply white-labeling product that has zero traceability and is completely full of un-knowns.  Unknown origin of product (so much CBD oil and CBD isolate is coming from China).  Unknown traceability of supply chain.  Unknown type of extraction and solvents used.  Unknown testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and chemical solvents. Unknown combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes that have been artificially added back in.  A lot of unknowns can add up to  products that either don’t help people or worse - make people feel sick because of the potential chemicals and pesticides in them.

At That’s Natural, we are not your average CBD product.  First of all, we have been in business for over 14 years in Colorado and have a proven track-record of serving customers.  Secondly, we control our entire supply chain - we know our farmers personally, we know our extractors personally, and we control the oil from the moment it is out of the extractor, through all formulations, until the product reaches store shelves or our customers direct.

We never take anything out of our raw CBD Oil and we never add anything artificial back in.  That means that we can guarantee there are no chemical solvents and that you are getting the NATURAL and UNIQUE cannabinoids and terpenes that were originally a part of our very healthy Colorado hemp plants.  We test our oil to ensure and prove what it is.

This is a big deal.  We believe in traceability and transparency, and we have customers all around the country who have used our products successfully.   Our marketing is word-of-mouth.  Our goal is to create the most pure and potent products by allowing Mother Nature to do what she does best.

Packed with love and life force - you will see, smell, taste, and feel the difference with our premium products.  If you have tried a CBD product with no positive result, we sure hope you will consider giving us a try!