Experience the Entourage Effect with That’s Natural!

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hemp-derived CBD from That’s Natural full spectrum phytocannabinoids entourage effect - Precious plant compounds in That's Natural full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil include other cannabinoids besides CBD (CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN), terpenes (beta-myrcene, linalool, d-limonene, alpha-pinene, humulene, beta-caryophyllene) and polyphenols - See more about safe and effective hemp-derived CBD oil from Thats Natural at www.cbdoil.life and cbdoil.life and www.thatsnatural.info - legal hemp CBD, legal in all 50 states

A full range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally occurring precious plant compounds are important.  These are what occur in the plant’s natural genetic profile and are an inherent part of the plant’s immune system.

When you combine all of these naturally occurring compounds - you are more likely to experience the Entourage Effect, which is how bioavailable and how well your body receives the messages from these compounds.  

If you use a synthesized or isolated version of CBD - you are NOT getting the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes and will most likely not experience the full benefits of the CBD.  These natural plant compounds work together for a reason - NATURE KNOWS BEST!

At That’s Natural, we NEVER use CBD isolate.  Ever.  CBD Isolate is inexpensive, but it may have residual solvents and does not contain these naturally occurring plant compounds that we believe contribute to holistic healing.

Thousands of our customers have had a positive experience with our premium product and we hope that you will give us a try!


That's Natural hemp-derived CBD products - legal in all 50 States!  At That's Natural, we make sure that we bring our customers a pure, potent, and effective product.  We do this through having complete control of our supply chain! We know our Colorado hemp farmers, we only use supercritical CO2 extraction and steam distillation - NEVER using chemical solvents or isolate, and we make sure that the products's other ingredients are the highest quality possible!  Our process ensures a product that is full of NATURALLY occurring cannabinoids and terpenes - ensuring that our customers can experience the Entourage Effect!  Our products have life force - because at That's Natural we truly care about helping our customers experience better well-being and an improved quality of life!  We hope you will try us out and experience a truly natural CBD Oil!  That's Natural!