CBD For Ski Season!

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Whether you are a pro, or never skied before, there’s likely something you could benefit from with CBD. The snow has started in tremendous fashion so far this year, and upwards of two two feet is expected here in Aspen over the next two days. From sore muscles to dry lips, CBD might be the next big “tool” for all you skiers out there!

First, a lot of these potential benefits are due to what’s known as the entourage effect. This phenomenon is basically summed up by saying, certain cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to enhance the effect of the others. In fact, some cannabinoids main purpose is to activate other cannabinoids.


Sore Muscles: If it’s your first time out for the year, or something you just don’t do a whole lot, you are likely to be sore after a solid day of skiing or snowboarding. This article helps explain how Limonene and Beta-Myrcene (terpenes within the cannabis/hemp plant) have been studied to help sore muscles. It also talks about cannabinoids and CBD, with the endocannabinoid system, and how that can potentially help.


Chapped Lips: Anyone who has skied or snowboarded knows that because of the cold weather, the wind, and the sun, chapped lips are not something that escapes a lot of people. With the advancement of CBD products, there are now full-spectrum lip balm products that are perfect for battling these uncomfortable conditions while on the slopes. One important thing to factor in, as with most CBD products, is whether it is healthy to “consume”. Preferably, you can find a full-spectrum, natural, organic, and biodynamic product.


Joint Conditions and Injuries: Whether it be cold weather impacting ones joints, or whether it be a more severe injury such as a knee, shoulder, hip break/sprain/dislocation, full-spectrum products may be worth looking into. Obviously, medical attention would be needed for the more serious conditions. Pain is arguably the most common use for CBD, along with anxiety and sleep.


Falls: At some point, everyone falls while skiing or snowboarding. Whether it’s your first day or something you do 100 days a year, everyone will fall. Certain areas are going to hurt after a day of constant falling when attempting these winter sports for the first time. Again, much like the above section, CBD has been studied hundreds of times for it’s impact on pain and inflammation.


Long story short, there are many reasons why CBD might not be a bad thing to take skiing with you, or at least have waiting for you when you get home after a day on the slopes. And, as always, if you are ever in the Aspen area, we’d love to see you at our store!


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