CBD For Dogs…Does It Work?

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There is no guaranteed answer for that. Much like pharmaceutical meds, certain products will work more for one dog than a different dog. That’s not unusual. Some medicines may not work at all on one dog, while it will change the life of another one. The same is true for CBD. There is no guaranteed fix for every dog. With that said, there is a plethora of evidence involving how CBD has helped certain dogs.

This article from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) summed up a study pretty easily by saying: 

“Pharmacokinetics revealed an elimination half-life of 4.2 h at both doses and no observable side effects. Clinically, canine brief pain inventory and Hudson activity scores showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity (p < 0.01) with CBD oil. Veterinary assessment showed decreased pain during CBD treatment (p < 0.02). No side effects were reported by owners, however, serum chemistry showed an increase in alkaline phosphatase during CBD treatment (p < 0.01).”

Additionally, a second study by the NIH said:

“The use of cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp-based nutraceuticals is increasing in dogs and cats for disorders related to anxiety, seizures, cancer and pain. To date, there is little information related to appropriate dosing or long-term effects on serum chemistry or complete blood counts (CBC), and little data on the pharmacokinetics of single- or long-term dosing in dogs and cats. Single-dose pharmacokinetics and preliminary 12-week serum chemistry and complete blood counts are reported here showing short pharmacokinetic half-lives of cannabidiol in dogs and cats, with cats showing far lower oral absorption kinetics or rapid elimination suggesting dosing may differ between the two species. Fortunately, there were no changes in physical examination and few changes in the CBC and serum chemistry parameters suggesting the relative safety of oral supplementation over 12 weeks. One of the eight cats displayed a persistent rise in the serum alanine amino transferase (ALT) enzyme outside of the reference range and cats commonly displayed excessive licking and head shaking with administration of the oil. Based on these and other recent data, CBD-rich hemp nutraceuticals appear to be safe in healthy adult dogs, while more work in cats is needed to fully understand utility and absorption.”

Two major takeaways from these studies is that 1) a lot of dogs are benefitting from the use of CBD, and 2) there is very little risk involved, as it appears remarkably safe. Only you, as a dog’s owner can decide whether to try CBD for them. Our suggestion would be to look for a full-spectrum product, without artificial flavors that can be harmful to pets, that’s been independently tested by a third party, and grown in the US.


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