What makes our That's Natural topical products absorb through the skin (what makes it transdermal)?

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You have questions - we have answers!  That's Natural prides itself on transparency and traceability - here are our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and here is the answer to this question about our topical formulated products.

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What makes your topical products absorb through the skin (what makes it transdermal)?

In our That's Natural products, it is not the carriers (the other ingredients in the lotions/salves) that do the work of the transdermal applications - it is the actual cannabinoids and terpenes in the product itself.

Because CBD oil is like an essential oil (from hemp), the molecules that are in it are much smaller than the molecules of other oils - like hemp seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. (these other oils are comprised of essential fatty acid molecules that are much longer and much larger than the molecules found in essential oils of plant material).  

Essential oils are made of the tiniest of molecules - these are molecules that are small enough to pass through all of the tissues of the plant and into their cells.  These same molecules are those that can penetrate the skin and the blood-brain barrier of a human being.  Any compound that is less than (<) 500 amu (atomic mass units - the measurement of how heavy molecules are) can do this.  That is what makes compounds in essential oils so effective in the human body.  They bring nutrition and information into cells, and transport out waste products.  

Cannabidiol's (CBD) molecular mass is 314.4636 - this is under the 500 amu that is the approximate limit for which products can absorb into the skin.  This is what allows the CBD molecule to act trans-dermally.  The other ingredients ("carriers or carrier oils”) in the product are meant to allow the product to be spread upon larger surface areas - they are not what make the product effective at absorbing into the skin.



That's Natural's CBD-rich hemp oil products have 100% traceability - meaning that we know exactly where the hemp for our high quality products is being grown.  We personally know the farmers, who use both organic and biodynamic farming practices to bring you a pure, safe, and effective product.


Our products are full-spectrum and whole-plant derived, meaning that we have both a full cannabinoid and terpene profile in our our CBD-rich hemp oil.  This contributes to the Entourage Effect and we believe is the most potent and effective means of preserving the products' effects.


That's Natural, as a company, has been in business for over ten years.  We are a privately held company - NOT a corporate entity or a "pump and dump" penny-stock company that has unknown shareholders and questionable business practices.  We care very much our customers, and we are dedicated to them.  Tisha Casida, CEO of That's Natural, has worked with farmers and producers for over 10 years and is a firm advocate and supporter of Food and Medicine Freedom.  You can hear the testimonials from our customers here.