Topical Applications for Cannabinoids On the Rise

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One of the most exciting applications for cannabinoids from the non-psychoactive hemp/cannabis plant are those that are topical.  Shown to have anti-inflammatory effects - topical lotions, salves, and patches are hitting the marketplace - providing pain relief to people who want to try natural plant-based alternatives.



“CB2 receptors are located in peripheral tissues, or tissues within the immune system and, as Leaf Science explains, this type of binding helps reduce inflammation by changing the way the body’s immune system functions.

Basically, cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory, providing positive effects for patients with many different medical conditions. But what about the high typically associated with this specific drug?


Leafly, a top cannabis information resource, explains that cannabis topicals provide “therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods.” In other words, topicals are able to ease pain or reduce inflammation without subjecting the patient to the high commonly felt when ingesting cannabis in other forms.”


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