Soothing the Stomach With CBD

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An article by Cornerstone explains the possibilities of CBD soothing the stomach and controlling intestinal inflammation. More than 200,000 times each year in the United States, people are diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Unfortunately, IBS is not well understood, and no cure currently exists. However, some treatments have been shown to ease the symptoms.

The article notes that several studies have shown that CBD helps with healing inflammation and restoring normal intestinal motility, but it’s almost all done in rodents – not people. Studies are currently being conducted to establish whether the results are the same in human subjects.

A research group from Naples, Italy set out to test the theory that CBD extract would have the same result. A full spectrum product was used in this research, meaning not just CBD was used, but all of the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. These variety of cannabinoids are believed to create an “entourage effect”. Various tests have shown that, especially for pain and inflammation, that this entourage effect had more of an impact than using CBD alone, without the combination of others.

Mice were administered colitis or intestinal inflammation via administration of DNBS (dinitrobenzenesulfonic acid). DNBS is an inflammatory chemical that has been shown to damage the intestines, but rarely leads to fatality. They used a decrease in body weight and increase in colon weight/length to measure inflammation. CBD was found to not modify the loss of body weight, but reduced the inflammation of the colon. Interestingly, pure CBD had no effect on either parameter – only the full spectrum products had an impact.

When measuring intestinal transit, the goal was to meet the ideal criteria for an IBS medication – ease pain and restore motility. Researchers fed mice food mixed with charcoal, and then at the end of the study, after the mice had deceased, would measure how far the leading edge of the charcoal had moved, dividing this distance by the total length of the colon in each mouse. “To mimic the accelerated intestinal movement caused by IBS, researchers applied croton oil, a particularly pungent oil from the croton tree, then applied CBD and CBD extract.” CBD extract, as before, reduced the excess movement brought on by croton oil. Pure CBD did duplicate this effect.

The conclusion of this article is that oral administration of CBD and CBD extract (full spectrum) can be effective as body cavity injection in rodents – and would suggest the same in humans. There was a large performance difference between pure CBD and the more effective full spectrum CBD oil.


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