Restless Leg Syndrome – Can CBD Help?

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Dr. Allan Frankel, MD,  of GreenBridge Medical wrote his experience with CBD and restless leg syndrome  with his patients. Some people question whether Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is real – Dr. Frankel says it is, and that “millions of Americans suffer from some form of RLS”. It is typically characterized by leg discomfort or pain that is partially relieved by moving ones legs. 

Dr Frankel became interested in testing out CBD for RLS because of it’s complexity and the difficulties that accompany it’s treatment. He started five patients on CBD with RLS. He says they take 4-6mgs a day, under the tongue, and quickly notice a difference. Of these five patients using CBD, three of them had nearly complete cessation of their symptoms and the other two had marked improvement.

Dr Frankel says his patients take the CBD before going to sleep, and some will take it in the morning when they awake. He goes on to say that it is important to consume a product that is full spectrum, containing a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. “It is never just a one molecule deal”, he says. “It is the enourage effect of all of natures medicine working together, not just CBD. Always look for whole plant CBD.

Another study is occurring in Israel regarding CBD and it’s treatment of RLS. ““We are excited to be able to contract with an Israeli CRO to conduct a pre- and a clinical proof-of-concept study for this unmet medical need condition. Israel is in the forefront of clinical cannabinoid research and we are thankful for having this opportunity. RLS is a prevalent condition affecting between 3.9-14.3% of the US population. The available treatments are not very effective and often cause severe side effects,” said George E. Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA and Chief Executive Officer of AXIM Biotech. “We hope that our proprietary treatment modality utilizing cannabinoids and gabapentin in functional chewing gum will prove to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of RLS.””


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