Research from the British Journal of Pharmacology - CBD for Tumor Growth

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Research on Cannabinoids (like CBD) for Tumors - That's Natural CBD Oil from hemp - legal in all 50 States at

Here's a link to the journal article "Cannabidiol inhibits human glioma cell migration through a cannabinoid receptor-independent mechanism".  There is mounting research showing that non-psychoactive cannabinoids (like CBD) may have therapeutic effects for issues with tumor growth in the human body.

From the abstract:

"We evaluated the ability of cannabidiol (CBD) to impair the migration of tumor cells stimulated by conditioned medium.... These results reinforce the evidence of antitumoral properties of CBD, demonstrating its ability to limit tumor invasion, although the mechanism of its pharmacological effects remains to be clarified."

The Endocannabinoid System, which research is finding to be at the heart of many physiological functions, may play a major role in how bodies act and react to plant-based compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Many individuals around the country are taking their health into their own hands and seeing the benefits of natural plant-based medicines like those that come from non-psychoactive hemp sources.

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