Natural Pain Relief from Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids like CBD

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Cannabinoids like CBD are good for athlete’s pain management - Full Spectrum Oil from That’s Natural at

If you love football, you know how the fun of the game is accompanied by a sometimes dangerous risk of injuries and long-term side effects.  Millions of Americans gather around for a football game - more and more of us are learning about how this rough sport can take a toll on the human body and brain.

Jake Plummer, a former Bronco, has become an outspoken proponent of non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD - which are legal in all 50 States when sourced from hemp.  He has spoken to his own positive results from taking CBD and is advocating for the use of non-psychoactive cannabis (like hemp).

From 12 News in Arizona:

“….he believes other current and former athletes can benefit in the same way from cannabidiol, better known as CBD, an extract from hemp plants that contain only minute levels of the psychoactive chemical THC.”

The most important thing to remember, especially for policy-makers, is that non-psychoactive cannabinoids and hemp products are completely different than what is commonly thought of as a ‘drug’ - non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD never get people “high” - so are safe for athletes, children, people with balance issues, the elderly, and even pets.  

As stated in the article:

“It doesn’t mess with your head at all,’’ said Dr. David Tonkin, anesthesiologist and pain management specialist. “It can’t be addicting and you can’t overdose on it. So here with CBD, we have neuroprotective properties.”

Natural plant-based medicines that are non-psychoactive can be of amazing benefit to humankind - now millions of Americans have an advocate from the NFL.


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