Hemp as a Super Food - Keeping You Healthy in 2017

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Hemp as a Superfood - How cannabinoids and terpenes can keep you healthy from That's Natural

Non-psychoactive hemp plants are incredible - the range of possibilities for these plants, and how they can help humankind, have been documented for centuries.

At That's Natural, we are most interested in the applications as a super-food. This plant packs in all kinds of health benefits, while also being a great way to create fibers that are strong and friendly to the environment.

Collective Evolution has a great article on the “8 Ways Hemp Can Keep You Healthy in 2017” - we have summarized them here:

1. Hemp Contains Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) and Other Cannabinoids (like CBDa, CBC, CBN, and CBG).

2. Hemp Contains Antioxidants

3. Hemp Products are Anti-Inflammatory

4. Hemp Protects the Brain and Calms the Mind

5. Hemp May Improve Heart Health

6. Hemp Can Prevent Endocannabinoid Deficiency and Balance Your Endocannabinoid System

7. Hemp Can Balance Hormones

8. Oils Made from Hemp Plants (including the Seeds) are Good for Your Skin

Now, they key to finding great hemp products (like any product that you put in or on your body) is to know where the hemp is grown, how it is processed, and what the hemp product contains (what are the ingredients?).

At That’s Natural, we have 100% transparency and traceability of our supply chain.  We work directly with the farmers who grow our hemp with biodynamic and organic farming practices, and we use food-grade supercritical CO2 extraction to process the cannabinoid and terpene rich hemp oil that is used in our premium product line.


That's Natural's line of full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil products contain a complete profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Our customers love our products - we believe much of this has to do with the Entourage Effect!   
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