CBD Helps Autistic Boy Speak Again

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Here is a story from the fall of 2017 is astounding regarding CBD and autism. This article from Natural News helps explain exactly what happened with Kalel Santiago. Kalel is from Puerto Rico, and initially survived a rare form of cancer – neuroblastoma. After two years of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, their son seemed to be on the way to a great recovery. But, they started noticing some behavior that caught them off guard while he was recovering in the hospital. From hand flapping to walking on his toes, they knew something wasn’t right – especially when he was totally unable to speak.

At age three, Kalel was diagnosed with severe autism. Kalel was accepted into a specialized school in their area and Kalel began thriving – except he still couldn’t speak at all.

Kalel’s parents, Abiel and Gladys, read about CBD Oil, and decided to give it a try. After all, could it make it worse? The CBD oil was derived from hemp, and their results using it after just two days was what they call a miracle. After years of never hearing their little boy utter a single word, they received a call from his teacher at school. She asked what treatment they were trying because Kalel suddenly started speaking at school. At first, it was only vowels, but soon, Kalel was adding consonants, full words, and even sentences.

“He’s been connecting — like he’s awakening to seeing the world,” said Abiel. “He’s looking you in your eyes, he’s been trying to say different things and imitate what we are saying. He’s saying ‘uncle’, ‘aunt,’ the names of my two kids. It’s something amazing that I cannot explain.”

Despite this remarkable story, and many others like it, is there any research to back it up? Yes. Although it is still in the early stages, and anecdotal. There may not be a large amount of studies related directly to autism, but there is a lot more to seizures, which is often a bi-product of autism.

In 2013, Stanford University’s Deparment of Neurology conducted a survey  to explore the use of CBD for the treatment of children with epilepsy. 80% of the parents reported a reduction in how often their children had seizures when using the CBD-enriched products. Almost 11% completely stopped having seizures. 42% noticed the seizures decreased by 80% of more. 32% noticed a reduction of between 25-60% of seizures.  That’s pretty remarkable evidence, although it is still preliminary.


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