CBD for Pets - Natural Plant-Based Alternatives for our Furry Friends

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@TuckerWucker - Canines for Cannabidiol - CBD for Pets from That's Natural

Pet owners are searching for and finding natural plant-based alternative treatments for their pets' health issues - including: pain, anxiety, inflammation, and energy levels.

The New York Times has mentioned potential benefits of using CBD (short for cannabidiol) - one of over 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis, or non-psychoactive hemp.

You can find stories from all around the country, most recently in Salt Lake City and San Diego, with pet owners excitedly talking about their pets' positive health effects after using CBD-rich products.

At That's Natural, we offer a 100mg Pet CBD Drops (easy to apply on food or treats).  Our products have 100% Traceability - meaning we know the ENTIRE supply chain of our products.  Our CBD comes from hemp that is regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (never from unknown and untraceable overseas sources) - ensuring our customers a safe and effective product.  

Find our Canine for Cannabidiol, Tucker on Twitter @TuckerWucker.  And remember - That's Natural is Pure, Potent, and Trusted.  Hear more from our customers here!  


That's Natural CBD Oil from Colorado hemp - legal in all 50 States