CBD as an Alternative to Alleviate Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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CBD for Fibromyalgia Pain and Symptoms - Fatigue, Inflammation, Joint Condition, Auto-Immune Disorders.  From That's Natural at www.cbdoil.life

In “Fibromyalgia News Today”, author Robin Dix mentions anecdotal evidence from others that the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD may help people with pain:

“I have a few fibro friends who swear by CBD oil. It does not contain THC. That’s what causes a euphoric high. My understanding is that it helps not only with pain, but also with sleep. It can be smoked or taken in a hemp capsule. I have not tried it, but definitely would be open to it.”

Human’s Endocannabinoid System, which regulates many immune system functions and pain-sensation, likely plays a role in peoples’ responsiveness to cannabinoids, including CBD.

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