Cannabinoid Receptors, Gut Health, and Celiac Disease

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CBD for Celiac Disease - Cannabinoids for gut health and the Endocannabinoid System

There has been various research on the Endocannabinoid System, and the cannabinoid receptors that exist in the human body that react to both endocannabinoids (that are produced inside of the body by itself) and cannabinoids (that can be introduced be internal or topical applications).

More and more people are becoming sensitive and even intolerant to gluten. Whether they struggle with gut health issues, IBS (irritable bowl syndrome), or even Celiac Disease, people's digestion has takena  toll in the last decade because of diet and environmental factors..

Exciting research and new findings show links between digestion, gut health, and those cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the body.

From a PLos ONE research article abstract:

Our data show higher levels of both CB1 and CB2 receptors during active disease and normal CBR levels in treated celiac patients. In conclusion, we demonstrate an up-regulation of CB1 and CB2 mRNA and protein expression, that points to the therapeutic potential of targeting CBR in patients with celiac disease.”

Non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG, and CBN are naturally occurring in cannabis/hemp and may prove a natural, non-invasive way to treat symptoms related to these digestive issues.  

Both cannabinoids and terpenes can be found naturally as whole-plant compounds and have been used for thousands of years to naturally treat sickness and disease.


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