Canines for Cannabidiol from That's Natural!

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That's Natural CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Our That's Natural Canine for Cannabidiol, Tucker (find him on Twitter @TuckerWucker) is happy to announce the newest addition to our product line-up, a 100mg Unflavored Tincture for pets.  This is our same pet-friendly formula as our Unflavored 250mg tinctures that are also safe for animals - just a smaller amount for our furry family members.

That's Natural CBD Oil for Pets

Many pet owners are looking at non-psychoactive CBD products from hemp (hemp is legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States) as a natural alternative for their pets.

At That's Natural, we pride ourselves on transparency - you can actually see the hemp farms in Colorado where our product is grown.  We have 100% traceability for our product and supply chain.  Pure. Potent. Trusted.  That's Natural!