5 CBD Studies From 2017 That You Need To Know About

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Research continues to become more readily available with CBD. 2017 was a big year for CBD research. Here are five studies you need to know about!

  • CBD For PTSD

In July of 2017, a study was published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology that observed the ability for CBD to suppress long term memories. The study showed that CBD did not suppress any short term memories, but long-term memories were – making this a perfect option for those with PTSD.

  • CBD For Epilepsy

In August of 2017 a study published by the National Centre of Epilepsy in Ecuador can be very beneficial to those struggling with refractory epilepsy and regular seizures. The results from these 15 patients with serious epilepsy were absolutely remarkable.

  • 40% reported a decrease in seizures
  • 27% reported a complete disappearance of seizures
  • 43% reported improvements in the eating habits
  • 60% reported an improvement in speech
  • 50% reported an improvement in sleep
  • 100% reported an improvement of mood.

The only noted side effects in some patients were periodic drowsiness.

  • CBD For Pain Relief

In June of 2017, a study by the Sao Paulo Department of Neuroscience concluded that CBD influences the brain’s response to pain. The testing showed the rats were in less pain after CBD was introduced to their bodies after incisions were made. In conclusion, the study showed that CBD could be incorporated into pain relief management, specifically, but not limited to incision-type injuries.

  • CBD For Hypertension

Again, in June of 2017, CBD was found to reduce blood pressure in healthy humans. This study, published by the University of Nottingham, was conducted on nine healthy male volunteers. Not only was it found to reduce blood pressure during rest, but also while the heart rate increased.

  • CBD May Reduce Anxiety and Improve Confidence

In May of 2017, a report by the Sao Paulo Department of Neuroscience CBD was shown to have anxiolytic effects in  human subjects. Twelve volunteers were asked to give public speeches with and without CBD. While taking CBD, volunteers showed a significant drop in heart rate, blood pressure, and general anxiety.


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