Seminar Held for Parents with Children Who Have Epilepsy/Autism

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Recently, an organization in Canada held a seminar entitled "State of the Science, Law, and Access to Medical Marijuana: Implications for families with children with autism and epilepsy".  Kim Turkington, whose 5-year-old daughter has epilepsy and autism, spoke at the event.  Her daughter, Ella, has seen improvements in her behavior and mood since being an low doses of CBD oil.

Via The Vancouver Sun

"While Ella still has multiple seizures a day, Turkington said they are fewer than before the cannabis treatment and less severe. She’s gone from having 20 to 25 clusters a day (five to 25 seizures per cluster) to about four or five clusters, said Turkington."

Although there are hurdles to overcome in educating and ensuring access to safe and effective CBD oil treatments, more and more families are seeking answers and helping to gain awareness for the research that desperately needs to be done on CBD, and its many applications to human health.

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