Cannabidiol (CBD) Showing Promise for Epilepsy Treatment

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Medicine Freedom is sweeping across the country and around the world as more and more individuals become educated about cannabis and the cannabinoids that occur naturally in this plant.  Before this year, the majority of attention was given to THC - the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis.  However, more and more research and individuals are seeking out information on CBD (Cannabidiol) - a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in this plant.


From NYU University, two MDs - Daniel Friedman and Orrin Devinsky discuss how CBD may be helpful in treating epilepsy.  They "explain that a major brain receptor that responds to marijuana – cannabinoid receptor 1, or CB1 – appears to have anticonvulsant effects when activated".


And although much research has paid attention to how THC affects the CB1 receptor, the researchers said, "a review of animal studies found that non-intoxicating cannabidiol shows the most promise in preventing seizures".


You can do more research for yourself.  The most important thing is to take your time, and ask these four very important questions about your CBD product that you purchase and ingest.  It is also very important to start slow and see how CBD works for you.  At That's Natural, we are advocating and protecting your right to use natural medicines, and hope you will consider doing the same - we are all in this search together - for the truth about the healing properties of all natural remedies.