Transparency, Honesty, Purity - That's Natural!

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There is nothing more important than knowing exactly what you are putting in and on your body.  That's Natural has advocated for Food and Medicine Freedom since 2005, and is proud to be a national advocate to protect your right to decide what you eat and what you use as medicine.


We want you to know where your CBD-rich hemp oil supplement is coming from, we want you to know how it is processed, we want you to know how many cannabinoids are actually in it, we want you to know the ingredients that are in it - that's your right.


If a company does not answer these questions for you, we would encourage you to find a supplier who does - transparency is key when it comes to trusting what you are ingesting.


Here are some common questions and answers that may come up, in case it is helpful in learning more about our That's Natural Premium CBD Oil Products.