Cannabidiol (CBD) to be Discussed on Wednesday at Capitol Hill

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Senator Chuck Grassley, from Iowa, will be be a part of a hearing to discuss the potential medical benefits and accessibility of Cannabidiol (CBD). 


The Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control will be looking at both the applications of CBD as well as the difficulties and barriers that exist to conduct researching on Cannabidiol.


With the recent surge in news about the use of CBD oil to treat various human health issues, including being used to treat seizures in epileptic children, it appears that there is a new push at the federal level to better understand and define the uses of cannabis.


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Stay tuned for our analysis of this hearing.  Remember, CBD Oil from industrial hemp is already legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States (it does not come from marijuana).  And, we hope you try our premium CBD-rich hemp oil from That's Natural, but no matter what you try, be sure and ask these critical four questions.